2017 Election

Dear Harvest Co-op members,

We are happy to announce the new directors for your Co-op.

Thanks to all the volunteers, candidates, staff and the Board for their cooperation during this year’s election.

We had 384 people vote using both online and paper ballots to select 5 new directors from 12 candidates.

Full results can be seen here.

Board of Directors plurality — 5 vacancies

Adam Frost – 161 votes (9.2%)
Alexander Klosterkemper – 115 votes (6.6%)
Emily Bergersen – 49 votes (2.8%)
Jennifer Jensen – 150 votes (8.6%)
John Humphreys – 70 votes (4.0%)
Josh Anderson – 161 votes (9.2%)
Leslie Belay – 190 votes (10.9%)
Marlene Archer – 86 votes (4.9%)
Paige Clark – 211 votes (12.1%)
Peter Stokes – 114 votes (6.5%)
Thomas Moore – 211 votes (12.1%)
Vidya Sivan – 223 votes (12.8%)

Based on the number of votes here is the allocation of seats:

Three 3-year terms: Vidya Sivan, Thomas Moore, and Paige Clark

One 2-year term: Leslie Belay

One 1-year term: Josh Anderson and Adam Frost tied for this position with 161 votes each. Josh decided to concede the election to Adam and as a result Adam will be seated for this position.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the candidates. Board will be reaching out to the selected candidates to setup the Board orientation.



Harvest Co-op Candidates (Link to Word)

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