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Harvest Co-op is member-owned, and has been since 1971.
In today’s competitive natural foods marketplace where national chains dominate, the Co-op stands out because it is owned and controlled by its local owners.

Your membership supports organic and sustainable agriculture, local farmers and food producers, and fair trade businesses.
Your ownership and shopping dollars help keep Harvest financially healthy.
Being an owner also helps the stores purchase equipment and pay for renovations.

Equity Membership

Full Equity Membership is a refundable investment of $200*, but to become an Equity member you just need to make an initial $25 equity deposit when you join.
Equity is then payable in $25 installments annually, payable on the anniversary of your joining.
Owners who have $200 in equity, or are current with their equity installments receive full membership benefits, including an annual refund proportional to your patronage during any profitable year. *See the Member – Owner brochure for details.

What is a Patronage Rebate?

A Patronage Rebate distributes Harvest’s profits to its members.
This rebate system is based on both a member’s purchases during the year, and Harvest’s annual net income. For many years, our co-op distributed expected profits through a point of sale discount at the register. While the point of sale discount provides immediate rewards to members, it is unwise because it distributes profit without knowing if a profit exists.
A rebate system is a more financially sound method of rewarding members for patronage because it distributes profits that are earned during the year.

How is the Patronage Rebate calculated?

Once the fiscal year ends near the end of April, financial statements are prepared and the General Manager reports the results to the Board of Directors.
Profit for the year is allocated to members and non-members based on their percentages of total sales.
The portion of profits allocated to members is rebated to the members.
The Board decides how much of rebate allocated to members will be in cash and how much will be added to a deferred patronage rebate account to be rebated at a later time.
At least 20% of the member rebate must be rebated in cash.

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