Harvest Co-op Market Mission

Harvest Co-op Markets is committed to building a vibrant community and healthier world by selling natural and organic food and bringing the benefits of cooperatives to our members.

  • We offer a full line of products and services sought by our members, with an emphasis on natural and organic foods.
  • We educate and advocate for our members as consumers.
  • We support local, organic, cooperative and fair labor suppliers.
  • We strive to build a democratic and welcoming community that celebrates the diversity of our members.
  • Looking ahead to the next twenty-five years, we believe Harvest has vast potential for increased impact through strong connections to our mission and community.

Harvest specializes in organic, natural and wholesome food choices.

Seven Principles of Cooperation

1. Voluntary and Open Ownership.
2. Open and democratic membership. One member, one vote.
3. Owner economic participation.
4. Autonomy and independence. Co-op’s are controlled by their owner.
5. Cooperation among cooperatives.
6. Education, Training and Information. Co-ops educate owners so they can contribute to the health and growth of their Co-op’s.
7. Concern for Community. Co-ops contribute to the community.

Harvest Owner Benefits

  • Ownership of a full service community Co-op.
  • Support your local economy.
  • Support sustainable businesses.
  • Provide employment in your community.
  • Harvest Owner exclusive Big Dig promotion.
  • Harvest Owner exclusive Harvest Adds ++.
  • Monthly Owner 10% coupon day.
  • Access to all products available to the Co-op by Special order.
  • 10% discount on full case pre-orders.
  • Harvest cares for qualifying community members.


Bringing good food and good people together

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