Olive Oil

Olive oil is like fine wine. It varies in flavor, color, and aroma, depending on where the olives are gown and the maturity of the olives used. Specific regions produce oils characteristic of their area. The oils of Tuscany and Chianti are very rich with an intense olive taste, peppery flavor, and deep emerald color. The Italian Riviera produces a green-gold oil with a more subtle flavor, while the French Riviera produces an oil know for its sweet fruitiness and light golden color.

Spanish oils tend to be thicker and bolder in flavor, while the oils from Greece are lighter yet still flavorful. Maturity also affects the flavor of olive oil. Green olives produce a peppery, intensely flavored oil, while dark, mature olives yield a golden, fruity oil. For the best quality, look for first-pressed, extra virgin oil. The finest extra-virgin oils are made using methods that have not changed in over three thousand years, including hand picking and hand sorting.

Olive oil is recognized as a heart healthy alternative to saturated oils, such as butter or hard margarine. Sprinkle olive oil over fresh summer salads or lightly cooked vegetables, dip fresh bread in oil infused with a clove of crushed garlic and fresh minced rosemary. It complements the flavor of fresh tomatoes, and can be drizzled over steaming corn on the cob.

Staff picks from our olive oil selection:

  • Grecian Natural, a light, yet flavorful Greek oil.
  • Colavita, extra virgin, an Italian oil great for cooking.
  • Tuscan Sun, an organic, full flavored oil, perfect for salads and sipping bread. For summer salads, drizzle alone or with balsamic vinegar

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