Certified Organic Eggs

Organic eggs have superior flavor. They taste like eggs from a farm of 40 years ago, distinctive “eggy” flavor tinged with the essence of fresh air and pure water. All you have to do is break one open and look at it and you’ll see a difference. To begin with, the shell is harder and thicker. Next you’ll notice the yolk is a brilliant yellow and stands tall as it sits in the white. The white is clear, not opaque and runny.

Eggs that are certified organic come from hens that are free running and see the light of day, rather than confined under electric lights. They are fed certified organic feed which is not produced with toxic pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer. The feed does not contain processed animal proteins or genetically modified organisms. The hens are healthy because of a healthy environment, so they are not subjected to regular doses of sub-theraputic antibiotics.

All eggs are high in cholesterol, so if you are watching fats in your diet you will probably want to limit yourself to two to four egg yolks a week. However, egg whites are one of the highest quality proteins available. An omelette made with organic eggs, fresh chopped spinach and low fat cheddar cheese is quite delicious with a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper or salsa. If you mix 1/8 tsp of tumeric into the oil in your pan before you pour in the egg white, it will turn a golden yellow and you will not even notice the absence of egg yolks.

Harvest carries two brands of organic eggs, Pilgrim’s Choice and The Country Hen. Eggs from The Country Hen are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, a beneficial oil, because they are fed a special diet. You will have to try them to believe the flavor, organic eggs really are different!

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