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Dear Harvest members,

Thank you for participation in the annual Harvest voting to elect directors to open board positions. This is the first year that we did online voting, we heard lots of good suggestions and we hope to further improve the process next year.

Here are the official result from this year’s voting:

Candidate : Yes votes : No votes : Net vote

Marlene Archer: 155 : 68  : 87

Wayne Clark:  189 : 68 : 121

Dwayne Desaulniers: 220 : 31 : 189

Elias Feghali: 221 : 24 : 197

Gordon Williams: 193 : 32 : 161

According to Section 3 C of our Bylaws, this was an UNCONTESTED ELECTION hence candidates who get more YES votes than NO votes are declared elected.


“According to Article 4, section 3(a) candidates must be present at the Annual General Meeting in order to be an eligible candidate for election.  Candidate Elias Feghali was absent without informing the Board and hence according to our bylaws he is disqualified and ineligible to be elected.  However, we have reached out to him and hope to discuss the possibility of appointing him to the vacant seat at our upcoming board meeting on Dec 5th.

This year, 5 out of nine positions were open, 3 of the positions are for three-year full terms and two positions are for 2-year terms. Elected candidates will be seated based on net votes.

Candidate – Terms appointed

Dwayne Desaulniers full 3-year term

Gordon Williams full 3-year term

Wayne Clark 3-year term

Marlene Archer 2-year term

Open position for a 2-year term to be filled by the Board according to Article 4, section 6 of the bylaws.

Thank you for being a valuable member of Harvest Food Co-op.


Chair, Election Committee

on behalf of Harvest Co-Op Board of Directors

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